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You Missed My Heart

Phoebe Bridgers

Stranger In The Alps

Broke into her house, saw her sitting there
Drinking coke and whiskey in her bra and underwear
Saw him in the kitchen, hanging up the phone
I asked him nicely once to pack his things and go

He gave her a reassuring look, said he wouldn't leave
But I asked him one more time, this time pulled out my shiv
Struck him in the back and I pulled it out slow
And I watched him fall down, and as the morning sun rose
He looked at me and said

"You missed my heart, you missed my heart
You got me good, I knew you would
But you missed my heart, you missed my heart"
Were his last words before he died

Looking out the window, up at the blue sky
Listening to her scream, listening to her cry
A feeling of relief came over my soul
I couldn't take it any longer and I lost control

I chased her up the stairs and I pinned her to the ground
And underneath her whimpering I could hear the sirens sound
I rattled off a list of all the things I missed
Like going to the movies with her and the way she kissed me

Driving into downtown Wheeling, showing her off
Backyard barbecues and reunions in the park
I said I missed her skin and when started laughing
And while I clenched down on her wrist, she said "that's quite a list
But there's one thing you missed

"You missed my heart, you missed my heart
That's quite a list, but what you really missed
You missed my heart, you missed my heart
That's quite a list, but what you really missed"

Running through the parking lot, running through the fields
Policemen on my back, something hit my skull and cracked
They dragged me off to jail, set a million dollar bail
Where I tried to tie a noose, but I failed and I broke loose

I went racing through the prison yard, shot down by a tower guard
He got me in the shins, and he got me in the arms
They strapped me in the gurney, took me off to the infirmary
Where the priest read my last rites
And just before, everything went dark

I said: "He missed my heart, he missed my heart
He got me good, I knew he would
But he missed my heart, he missed my heart"
And just before, everything went dark

The most poetic dream came flowing like the sea
Laying there my lifeblood draining out of me
A childhood scene then, sky moon beams
Fishing with my friends sitting in the wild reeds

Watching the Ohio river flow at night
Waiting for the bullhead catfishes to bite
Downriver from the Moundsville prison graveyard

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