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Carrier Pigeon

Peter Von Poehl

Sleepwalkers standing
On marshy ground
They won't fall if you don't wake them up
The icicles on the old jugde's beard
Won't tell him what he's guilty of
The mummy and the ghost
Making a special toast
Drinking through Saturday
His last dance is almost over
A menu with no choice
He didn't raise his voice
A carrier pigeon
Lost a message on its way
Fighting a lion his executioner
Making silver ripples for the audience
A wasteland would be the only nest for a
Bird that tries to fool the rules
He never did no wrong
He stayed a bit too long
Small change could buy him time
And a princess in a magazine
She sure put on some weight
But people still think she's great
A carrier pigeon
Lost a message on its way
An evil witch told him about the club
But he was only searching
For the perfect rhyme
He never cared to jump on
The donkey's back
And the bouncer is the first
To stand in line

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