Peter Mulvey

I saw a woman in a circle
Her face was a rapture
She was pulling a lever, she was raising a hammer
She's gonna ring that bell
I turned to tell my brother
About this woman and her rapture
But the train shot into the darkness before ever That hammer fell - and it's

Better to breathe out - better to run than to hide
You'd better find out who's gonna be on your side

How many times do I have to tell you:
Don't lead with what is on your inside
Or people gonna find out you're different
People gonna drag out all you have to hide and it's

Better to breathe out - better to leap before you look
Keep your mind focused, and maybe you'll write that book

You could be folding your laundry
Twelve hundred miles from the place you were born
You could look up into the sweet and forgiving autumn sunlight
And you realize all at once - you have carried your scars this far
Because you love them; the world touches you that way and it
Hurts so much that you just smile and you lay down, you lay down
Without a fight
I guess we're all gonna work on maggie's farm for a little while longer
Not tell anyone what he have inside to give
And you keep your eyes on the stars up above
And don't you just lay down and live it is

Better to breathe out - better to run than to hide

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