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All In Good Fun

Peter Mulvey

Walking down the street kicking up the leaves
Like a latter day Snoopy and Woodstock
Man when you sit there I could almost hear Guaraldi playing in my head
Well the city's been good to you all those young people running everywhere
with everything to do
But I believe this coast is killing me
If I didn't dream I'd be dead

All in good fun
Look at the moon and think of the sun
All in good fun
How many ways to live your life?
More than one

How many months are gonna have to go by
Before I see your skinny white self again?
You and I have seen love rise and fall like tiny empires
You're gonna make me break a promise that I made to myself
You're gonna to make me come to the city
Do you want me to bring the focus of my desires?

We'll have good fun
Look at the moon smiling at everyone
We'll have good fun
How many people are made for you and only you?
More than one

I believe that you and I will be around long after so many others
who have kissed sorry business goodbye
We know laughter is our life preserver
We know to keep laughing
We know how and we know why

All in good fun
Watching an old friend raising his only son
All in good fun

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