Hold On

Peter Furler

You never thought you would get to a place
Where your life could go from carefree
To suddenly aching
Beautiful to breaking

Now you crawl through the smoke and haze
Fighting just to find some daylight
To see the sun and then
Catch your breath again

There’s a whisper in the chaos
And it’s calling out your name

Just believe
I know you’re gonna make it
Don’t let go
When the ground beneath you’s shaking
From the good times to the bad times
And the things you can’t control
You gotta hold on

There are days when the weight of the world
Is enough to make you think that
You’re forgotten
You’re not forgotten
Waiting there for this moment to pass
Looking up and praying for some hope tonight
Just to feel alive

Take the beauty from the ashes
Now it’s it is time to rise again

If your feel you’re at the end
And the light is fading out
The walls are caving in
You gotta hold on deep inside of you
There a hope beyond the fight
There’s a faith to pull you through

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