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Golden Goose

Peter Frampton

All i need is the time to recharge, ooh yeah
Got the picture baby, we must enlarge
Some day touché, shake my hand
Cause i play singer with the band
Who calls fire and runs away
Cause no one listened yesterday, yesterday

Now i see we're at the point of no return
You know it takes a while but i guess i can learn
Midnight sun, i'm on the run
No more walking, shoot the gun
Well my waiting's over, turn me loose
I ain't nobody's golden goose

Scold me, hold me close to you
If you only held the clue
Under, over , inside me
Well it's funny, funny how we do agree

Golden goose, turn me loose {3x)

Ev'ry time, ev'ry time i try to come back
Cause there just ain't no guidin', no guidin'track
Well if you don't know me then you never, never will
Just like the doctor i don't need it
You can keep the pill when i'm ill

I ain't nobody's, nobody's golden goose
Let me loose, golden goose
Turn me loose, golden goose (2x)

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