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Where There's No Tomorrow

Peter Cetera

Didn't want to face a long hot summer
Didn't want to spend another lonely night
Didn't want to stay until I met you
You could tell that we were made for each other
Something in the air and the time was right
Came into my life, oh, I can't forget you

I dont't want to leave tomorrow
Yes I said it all inside of a letter
That I put in your hand when we
Walked in the sand Don't you understand
I don't want to go where there's no tomorrow
You go your way, I'II go mine
Each one missing what they left behind
I don't wanna go where there's no tomorrow
Help me try to make a dream come true
I don't wanna leave if I can't be with you

Wouldn't ever changge a thing for a minute
Seems the water's always deeper when you're in it
That's the way is goes
Not the way I planned it

I don't want to leave without you
I don't want to go if you won't follow
Told you once, tell you once again
I don't want this summer to ever end
Gonna be there


Compositores: Peter Cetera, Jimy Cregun

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