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Personal War

Wake up with a scream the fear is written in your face is it over now
The intense dream of futuristic days what weird force crept in my mind
Awoke my instinct from the blind what let me dream with open eyes
made me the one to hear the cries
Who gave the gift of deeper view just kept from nameless chosen few ??
A totally new point of view the picture of an unborn world deep it's lost
A chaos-state full of hate the program of a sterile world deep it's lost
A special feeling reached your mind there're laws and orders far behind
A new horizon of control leads you the way you just don't know
Diving deep into the virtual calculated shade
The threshold to the "what is now" and "what could be" is just a shade
The creeping control fills ourselves presses us to narrow shapes
Displaces our priorities indoctrinating hate
The strangest one we ever knew at last remains ourself

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