I`m gliding through the waves of time
Dreary are my dreams
So lonely and shattered its themes
I`m waiting for a sign
No words to rescue my soul
No sleep
No time to end this scene
Guard me and my dream
Oh beautiful prince, come and safe me
Stay with me just for this night
Guard my sleep
And I will find
Cure of all thoughts and the things I bear in mind
Dreams have no titles and strangers no name
A world without feelings, pictures with no frames
My prince, you look severe
You take me to an eerie place
We`ve never been before
My mind is in a haze
Silent, you point at a flower
And strange is her disguise
A face reflected in her blossoms
My prince, what`s your advice?
I see the stranger
The man who means all luck to me
The prince smiles agonized, he knew
Togehter we won`t be
With all my passion I try to reach the flower
Breathless I`m haunting a dream
But the closer I get, the farer she seemed
My prince, what does it mean?
May I not hope for happiness?

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