The Gift


The first one was a young girl
Standing near the house.
Gazing at the ashes,
All went up in smoke.
There was something about her
But no-one seemed to see.
Her pale and fearful eyes,
The way they stared at me.

This gift, tis strange gift
It made me see.
This gift, this strange gift
It made me see.
The dead line up in front of me.

The second was an old man
Lying stiff on his bed.
He looked so peaceful
But the doctor shook his head.
As he blew out the candles
There was silence all around.
While I saw the old man rising
From his bed without a sound.

Last night I awoke,
You were standing by my side.
Motionless and frozen,
With eyes open wide.
Your lips were slowly moving
But they didn´t make a sound.
Like mine three days ago
When they put you in the ground.

I can see the dead.

By marcos antonio nightescence <>

Compositor: M. Hahn, Riegert

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