Secret Garden


Secret Garden

Once there was a garden, in a land so far away
Many ages passed, its beauty faded with the days
A garden long forgotten, all birds flew with the wind
Only silence left

Once there was a secret, where wild flowers grew
They knew many strangers, heard stories of transient fates
A secret revealed, they sheltered over years
A mystery unsolved

Once there was a person, guided by a strange, odd sway
Her clothes were torn, her skin was scratched by thorns
This person had a wistful heart, fighting through the thicket
Desires got stronger

Once there was beauty, a flower never seen before
In among the weeds, blossoms shimmered like a rainbow
Her beauty oh so stunning, the sun was shining just for her
A human being blinded

Once there was hope, in a land so far away
The person only had one wish, wanted to absorb her light
Once there was hope, but the human touched her without thought
She died in my arms

Lady Vampira

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