I could climb the highest mountain
Find love`s eternal fountain
Jump from cloud to cloud
Be quiet and oh so loud
Meet the moon this afternoon
Feed a dragon with a spoon
Dance on the rainbow in spring
Teach a dog how to sing
I could take the death for a ride
Have tea with the giant`s bride
Gather in stars at full moon
Predict fortune or doom
Save the witch in distress
Believe in everlasting happiness
Conquer the seven seas in an hour
Dance tango in a caved in tower
These are things I`d never do
Mediocre me, since my birth
The tragedy of mean, is my curse
My heart is burnning
I`m yearing for more...
No! - I will stay there. Just mean.
I could laugh at you
Abuse and insult you
I could spite on you
Grieve and abhor you
You stay until the end
I know that you need me
You satisfy your hunger with my pain
You live on my tears
And absorb my feelings
I don`t need your compassion
Poor, stupid world!
You make me sick!
These are things I`d never say
The tragedy of mean, is my curse
Just mean. Nothing more.

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