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Drowning Theme


The moonlight, brighter than ever before
I follow the lights, which I couldn`t ignore
Flames dancing on the surface of the sea
A mysterious force guided me
The lights were calling my name
I step into the water, for my eternal flame

Deeper and deeper, my clothes were wet
The flames still dancing, I couldn`t reach them yet
I lose the ground under my feet
Deeper and deeper, I feel my own heartbeat
Water washes my pain away
Abandoned, I followed this sway

My body lies on the bottom of the sea
A shoal of fish getting closer I see
The coral reef, so beautiful
Tears my body open, so cruel

A moray gapes in my dead eyes
In my hair lodges a spider, awaiting my demise
On my heart creeps an eel
The sea has many secrets to reveal
I have one last wish, before I die
You shall find pearls, for each tear I cry

Compositor: Höfert, Kraushofer

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