Black Widow


Black Widow

I`m a black widow
It was you who poisoned my mind
I`m sick of being kind
Playing the sacrificed
Today you are my prey!

I`m a black widow
It`s time for the deadly game
It makes no sense to put up a fight
You can`t flee
`Cause I`m starving and I`m ready to eat

I`m a black widow
Come into my arms, don`t be shy
You`re my imprisoned
Now you`ll get what you deserve
Are you ready to die?

How does it feel? - the deadly kiss
Can you feel it? - the poison...
The blood rushes through your veins
You shiver... and look full of pain...
Your lips are pale
You slowly getting high
Follow me into your worst nightmares

No-one can escape his fate
No-one can withstand her kiss

Black widow
Waiting for her sacrifice
Black widow
She loves to kill

Lady Vampira

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