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You Get The Life You Choose


You've given up don't even try
Pretty soon you'll stop asking why
What do you want to do with your life as it's fading?
It's all just a waste of time
Tell everyone you don't care
You know that
You're going nowhere
So now just sit there and stare as you're waiting
Complaining that life's not fair
You're going nowhere
Don't tell me heard all your lies
Told 'em all a thousand times
When you gonna realize
You're making up no alibis
The message that you
Abuse you get the life you choose
When did you give up and give in?
You say that you can't win
But when you've
Nothing to give and you're broken
You fight on until
The end your going to win
When you think the world is against you
And you think you'll never get through
But your conscience
Just won't let you
Just give up and give in
When all the walls close in around you
And the pressure all surrounds you
But your conscience
Just won't let you
Just give up and give in
You just won't try you wonder why
Well this is you life you won't get another try

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