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Nowhere Fast


and So You Spread your lies, won't face reality and endless fight a Struggle To Be Free Close minded fools and Their Hypocrisy The Endless time You take away From Me I don't need your Sympathy Why Do You Think your better Than Me idleness antipathy Why Do You want To Stop our Scene Your way of life the paths You Choose You will never TRY So You can only loose Broken mirrors Shattered Glass You Can sell your soul but You are going nowhere fast and So You exercise your own free will I Exercise MY fucking right To kill your vicious lies You Propagate Your Swill Of you're Whole kind I've had MY fill you're So Transparent You Don't Think I Can See Right Through You all of your venom directed reflected right back on yourself give your opinion To anyone Who Will listen To You but I wish You would just give it To someone else all I get from You is some bullshit attitude I See It in your eyes but You don't realise I'm waiting for the day When you'll See a better way We may not Be So kind To You next time and So You sp

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