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P.s. Don't Write

Pencey Prep

While you were fucking off
I went and found something new
Packed up all my shit
Stole back all my tapes
Left your spare key under the mat
This is not a joke
You'd better learn to take a hint
Cause I'm not coming back
Maybe you'll understand when you're waking up alone
In a cold and empty bed

If you're reading this, I'm gone
Happy birthday
PS - Don't write
Cause you will not get a reply

While you were fucking off
I got my life in shape
Somewhere along the line
I found a hidden strength that I didn't know I had
Standing on my own
Cutting all the strings that you used to control
Surprise surprise
I am long gone

If you thought you could keep me down
By holding me up
You were wrong
You don't call the shots anymore

While you were fucking off
I learned to love myself again
Even better now
I learned to hate you
C'est la vie, baby
We're through
See you around
Maybe on the sixth of never

by rahh

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