Pearl Jam

Open Road

Pearl Jam

Can I have some water up?

(You're the man, Eddie)

(Eddie, you're the man)

There's no way
To tell to be sure
Ticket I'm a-wantin'
This bus it's makin' way
Too many stops
I can't get a-movin'
Where's my destination?
I take a deep swallow
In my frustration
I'm takin all I got
It fits
In this little bag
All my life
I had empty pockets
All my life
I saw evil eyes
In old dark sockets
I cut 'em off
I cut 'em off
I said
"I don't need them
to make life work"
I cut 'em off
I cut 'em off
I'll never think twice
If to them
I never ever talk

So here I go
I'm finally on my way
Once I said goodbye
That was my last wave
Here I am on the
On the open road
I've never felt better
Then when I am alone

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