Peach Tree Rascals


Peach Tree Rascals

Camp Nowhere

Ooh-ooh, ah-ah-ah-ah
Ooh-ooh, ah-ah-ah-ah

I'm building up a wall that could never break
Running off the bridge that keeps burning out
My feet been off of this world lately
And my mind made me
The world keeps on turning

I was always down and on my own
Tryna get up, but there's never hope
Never gon' be perfect, never close
(The world keeps on turning)
Lift me up and bring me to a ten
I've been 'round a four, it's never friendly
Yeah, at least I'm living with my friends

You'll be okay, we'll be okay
Nothing will change, nothing's changed
I'll only be a flight away
So, on cloudy days
Promise you'll think of me

Yeah, baby, don't wait too long
Every day, it feel like it take too long
I just wanna sleep all week sometimes
I just wanna make your favorite song
Everyone hitting me like, "You made it, dawg"
Still ain't got money inside my bank or card
I'm in a place where I couldn't wait too long
I'm in a race and I'm going against my own now
Now can I get high with you, so we can fly away?
I've been boxing down the interstate
I know that you love to play them games
I'm not tryna get up in the way
Flowers, fruit, and kale inside the vase
I can see the hurt inside your face
You ain't ready for no type of love
Run away, you wanna run away

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