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pavel-iakovlev - Fotos
pavel-iakovlev - Fotos
- Fotos

Pavel Iakovlev is a singer-songwriter based in Sao-Paulo, Brazil. He started his musical journey in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, playing in indie-rock bands as a guitarist. His love for travel brought him to South-East Asia and now to Latin America, inspiring him to put his experience on paper and transfer it into the sound of his debut Ep 'All The Songs For You'.

Warm and dreamy but yet melancholic sounds, mixed with the atmosphere of big city romanticism, tell a simple story of 'boy meets girl', and all that comes with it. It's mellow wistfulness and acoustic vibes, brought under the influence of Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice and John Frusciante, made 'All The Songs For You' very intimate, reflecting Pavel's inspiration with the people he met along his short, but colorful journey, both as world traveler and aspiring artist.

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