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The Sun Will Rise

Paula Fuga

So many times I try to get ahead in life
But something always happens
I’m back at where I began
I get so tired of tryin’ and


I wanna know when it’s gonna come
Oh I want you to know where I’m coming from
Through the dark I see the light
And I know it’ll be alright
All I need is a little faith to get by

I know you’re with me where ever I may be
I know you said you’d always be there
Oh lord I need you now
Upon my knees I pray


I have a dream I’d like to share with you
I’ve had the same one all my life
So please believe in me
Sometimes it gets so hard
To keep believing in yourself oh but you must above all else
You’ve got to hold your head up high
Oh listen to me soon, soon the storm will subside
And again at dawn the sun will rise


Soon the storm will subside
Again at dawn the sun will rise

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