Paul Wright

on a saturday I was on a plane trip home sittin window after playin a show thinking back flash look lookin at my past people askin how I got signed so fast but that's nonsense cuz it's takin some time common sense says it happened overnight but that's not right how can you find someone unless they take their skills outside so I started writing rhymes with my crew and I started making beats too I had a mpc and we burnt CDs and we sold 'em in the halls to everybody and I use to write raps in class had ten records stuffed in my backpack and I love it how the crowd reacts when I get on the mic and I rock these raps But back to the story back to the motive back to the reason why I even really wrote this flow this at a show take notice crowds don't rock when the rappers bogus don't dis pop make the beat drop non-stop if you are a bboy get up and pop lock break dance to your hearts desire show this crew that you're on fire / and I was moving to the DJ's rhythm feeling hot in the disco lights and I was making my way to a comeback feeling love on a saturday night / get off the plane then get on the train to the baggage claim thought I heard someone call my name so I look to my left look to my right now I'm feelin insane cause there's no one in sight I'm back from the road back in the studio but I'm thinkin of the places that I really want to go yo stop drop rock roll walking on the moon like my name is Michael Jackson people love it when I'm rappin action smile at the cameras when I'm laughin that's in sports jacket as a fashion matchin my leisure suit when I'm dancin packed in the club now I'm feelin the love as the disco lights shine bright up above bboys break to your hearts desire show this crew that you're on fire / chorus / keep on moving keep on grooving

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