Paul Wright

telephone call: “Hey Paul, just heard your song on the radio, wondering how you've been? Call me!” /

hey yo back in the day when I was mad young
I saw you in the hallway and fell in love
you had two pigtails and a cute white skirt
brown penny loafers and a pok-a-dot shirt
I tried to flirt
but girl you was always dating jerks
and they treated you like dirt and
I know that it hurt
I want you right here by my side
and once you hear me on the radio
I know you'll be mine

She's gonna call me when she hears me on the radio
whoa! whoa! /

when the 10th grade came I thought I had a chance
got my braces off flossed and asked ya to the dance
hopin' it'd advance into something more
but ya ditched me when I tried to get ya on the dance floor
Miss prom queen I may not be your king
but ya know that I can sing and someday I'll live my dream
I'll have a hit song and my phone will ring
and I'll answer and guess what it's you calling

/ chorus /

now that we're older I hope things will change
I got a record deal girl
but I still feel the same because you were Godly
I started to pray but anyway I think about you night and day
hey I know you got to go and live your life
but if you were my wife you'd be married to Mr. Wright
all of a sudden I got the call and it was you saying
“I heard you on the radio Paul!” uh-huh /

she finally called me when she heard me on the radio whoa! whoa!

she finally called me
and that's not all
she wants to get to know me
when I'm on the radio
she bought my CD but she won't see me
cause she only needs me
when I'm on the radio oh no no no

/ she only calls me when she hears me on the radio whoa! whoa! /

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