Paul McCartney

The Mess

Paul McCartney

Red Rose Speedway (Archive Collection)

You sailed away one night in june
I heard you say you would be back soon
But since that day it's been on long loon
Oh - sweet darling the mess I'm in

I spoke to jimmy with the big tattoo
Said had he seen any sign of you
He looked at me and then laughed at you
See just wait a minute, oh darling what a mess I'm in

When I want ya do I get ya
All I needed your number,
Will you give me your number

Oh sweet darling
Oh sweet darling
Oh - sweet darling what a mess I'm in
What a mess I'm in, since you left me
What a mess I'm in, oh yeah
Oh oh - oh oh wo - wo
Oh oh - oh wo,wo wo

When you're near me
Can you hear me
I can't see ya
I can feel ya
When you're near me

Composição: Linda McCartney e Paul McCartney

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