Paul McCartney

Fine Line

Paul McCartney

Pure McCartney

There is a fine line between recklessness & courage
It’s about time you understood which road to take
It’s a fine line when your decision makes a difference
Get it wrong – you’ll be makin’ a big mistake.

Come on brother. All is forgiven.
We all cried when you were driven away.
Come on brother. Everything is better.
Everything is better when you come home to stay.

Whatever’s more important to you.
You’ve got to choose what you wanna do.
Whatever’s more important to be.
That’s the view that you’ve got to see.

There's a long way,
between chaos and creation
if you don't say,
which one of these you gonna choose
It's a long way
where there's every contribution seems the same,
its a game that you're bound to lose.

Composição: Mccartney

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