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Gee Whittakers

Pat Boone

Gee Whittakers
All you want to do is play
Jiminy Crickets
You'll never get no
Loving that way

Holy Smoke
Don't you ever wanna kiss
Gee Whittakers
Look at all the fun we'll miss

Heebie Jeebies
Baby, what you gonna do
Holy Cow, I never
Seen nobody like you

Gee Whittakers
You never give me a chance
Jeepers Creepers
All you wanna do is dance

Doggone it
Ain't you gonna ever stop
Gee Whittakers
You're gonna make me
Blow my top

Jumping Jupiter
Save that energy
Suffering Catfish
You'll have nothing
Left for me

Gee Whittakers, baby
Don't you give a dime
By Crackety, come on
Let's have a time

Doggone it, you're
Just a little gadabout
Gee Whittakers, come on
And knock me out

Oh, Shucks
You and me
Gee Whittakers
Come on and knock me out

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