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(you're A Fish And I'm A) Water Sign

Parliament/George Clinton

(In a whirlpool)
Ow, Ow BABY,
My goodness if you ain't the baddest mermaid I done seen around here in years
(In a whirlpool)
[I've fears?]

now listen hear, you got anything, against dolphins, can we...ahh...get
together (Let's get down)

Let's get down (Can we go somewhere?)
Can we go down? (ahh...anywhere, anywhere I don't care)
Let's get down (ANYwhere!)
Can we ge down? (Listen hear, I've got this notion, you see I...)

I want to be (I want to be)
On the sea side of love with you (on the sea side of love with you)
Let's go swimming, the water's fine (it feels wet and wild)
(the water's fine. There's nothin' between us and our best good time)
I wanna be on the inside of love with you
(I wanna be on the inside of love, don't you see baby)
You're a fish and I'm a water sign (I might get [pretty tubby], but that's
the way I'm supposed to be)

You see I can't stand it no more (Can we get down?)
(Spawning time)
I was checking you out ever since I came through this door (spawning time)

and whoo, whoo can we go down? (Can we go down?)
somewhere, somewhere, I don't care

I want to be (I want to be)
on the seaside of love with you (Wait a minute check out my seaweed!)
(Me with you, you with me)
Let's go swimming, (Come on the water's fine)
the water's fine (another [?] I said a good time)

I want to be (I got to be, I said, in your)
on the inside of love with you (I got to find myself, yeah)
(GC: Somebody skinny dip!)
You're a fish, and I'm a water sign (I don't care, I'm a water sign, and
I'm feeling a little bit better than fine girl) (GC: and the moon is out
Let's get down (You got anything against dolphins baby?)
Can we go down? (I got my [-?-] [down?] on you) (Well ALRIGHT, out of
sight then) (GC: Let's go waddle in the waves)
Let's get down (Let's go down....) (I've got my [-?-?-] on you)
Can we go down (Can we go down) (Oh, I want to bug out)

Let's get down (Well, Somehow or another I get the patter of little fans
around the house) (GC: ?) (?)
Can we go down? (Couldn't be a water mouse)

Let's get down (Talkin' about babies baba) (You I want to be working,
spawning time) (without ??????)
Can we go down?

You make me feel (you're a fair mermaid) (Going down)
like I've been on a desert island for a thousand years
You make me...

I want to have (I want to have)
A liquid love affair (a good, good liquified loving time)
Let's go mating (anytime is spawning time)
it's spawning time (when I get you on my mind)

I want to have (I want to have)
a liquid love affair (a liquid love affair -- I really care)
(Inside, inside your deep side)
Let's go spawning (Let's go spawning) (Let's get [feet?])
It's mating time (It's mating time)

I want to be (I got to be) (I wanna be) [(GC: in a wave with you)?]

I want to be on the inside of love with you (you see I got to swim)
(We can get deep)
Let's go spawning, it's mating time (I'll be right behind you following
your fin, it's mating time)

(The thing is only fair, it's only fair) It's time for you and me my dear

(I know you won't mind if I put it in, in your [?] in your [?])

Let's go down now baba
(we gonna be two freaky fish)
Baba baba baba baba boo byeohhhwhoaeyah.....
(two freaky fish together)
When we go down, when we go down...
Let's go (x5)

Compositor: G Clinton, G Shider, J.s. Theracon, R Griffith

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