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Breaking Point

Parkway Drive



Black plagues, line a fading sky.
A dying world stripped to the bone,
Intoxicated by the madness.
Blood weeps from open wounds.

And still the fires rage,
Consumed, now chaos reigns.
Our pride dissolved,
The rise and fall,
The breaking point,
Burned and crossed.

Now immune to all the carnage,
We turn upon ourselves.

Within these times of desperation,
We are the virus that has infected,
To its last.

Nothing is sacred,
Nothing shall be saved,
No one shall be spared the horror,
That has yet to come.

Destroy and discard,
This is all that we know.

Blackened flesh, blistered,
Hangs from skeletal frames
Stalking this arid wasteland,
Our minds immune to change.

The shreds of morality,
Fall by the wayside,
As we are left to ponder,
These black box revelations.

In these days to come,
In this,
Our final hour,
We will witness the true depths to which,
Humanity can sink.

Humanity can sink.

We will learn,
To suffer.
We will learn,
To fail.
And before long,
We will beg for the end.

And still the fires rage,
Consumed, now chaos reigns.
Our pride dissolved,
The rise and fall.
The breaking point,
Burned and crossed.

10. Dead Man's Chest

When your lungs collapse,
When your last breath fails.
When my reflection,
As faded as a sentiment.

Convulsions constrict your flesh,
Into a portrait of agony.
Into a portrait of agony.
Of agony.

This, this is cataclysmic failure,
As you're looking,
Refuse to prevail.

This is, this is pointless suffering.
How does it feel to know
You brought this shit
On yourself?

The timing of consequence,
Your actions have their price.
Oh you'll pay for your mistakes.

As pity grips your nerves,
You'll get what you deserve.
Now brace yourself,
As all hell breaks.
All hell breaks loose.
All hell breaks loose.

Fucked up this system,
Shut it down.
Drowned In Disease.

Stop, cut all based upon,
We know all from our lamenting.

Suffocation of a race,
The persistent beings,
Of life.

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