One Step

Papa Winnie

You make me feel so blue, oh baby /

Believe me when I say; I keep crying out for love /

But the time is out for sure /

I say you break my heart in two /

I say you make me feel so blue /

Always you try to slip away/

You play the game er nfai r /

Always you try to slow me down, so down /

One step to m y head /

And I~II never forget /

One step to my head/

And I~II never never /

One step... /

Rumours in the street /

You re beautiful and sweet, ah yeah /

Anc! I ve h~ rn watching yocr baby ,/

For such a long long time /

I sat· you... /

Yocr re the talk of the town, oh baby % You re theo~olest ancl the best /

And no one knows your name i Yo,i're such a r,iistery;, I say you... % One step... /

Oh, oh, ok f's all crpon you J Oh, oh, oh it s all crpon you

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