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One More Time I'll Talk About This

Panic, Sky Fell!

They put love in stores, so don't live without it.
Buy your crush and clothes off, your heart is beating.

My mind Searching for an escape.
Lay, Stay here with me.
Be my meaning.
See? I'm willing.

Your words might help.
I need more than this.
And I've lie to myself.
Believing I still have you.

You're the most beautiful liar.
Your face shows what this means to you.
Don't try to drunk me with your words

Escape, I'm searching for escape.
The frames are in my memory
So take, so leave don't mind and take
your decision for you.

Stay with me, don't let me go.

Escape, I'm searching for escape
from skin and bones and your bleeding face.
Take, take deep breath, grab and crave
for your life meaningless.
In stores all your fake feelings.

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