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Silas and Jerome

Paice Ashton Lord

Malice in Wonderland

Now dig this
I was grooving down the road
Just the other day
I saw this little nubile thing
Just passin' by my way
I said listen baby
I'm a rock and roll star
And I got some news for you
She turned around and looked at me
Just like she come out of school

And she said
You're cool, I said that's true
She said, you're very cool man
I said, so are you baby
She said, what time do you play
Cos I might just be able to stay
I thought I was beginnin' to get through

I smiled as I put my hand in my coat
And I said I'm the man for you
She looked at me with those big blue eyes
And she smoked a whole cigarette through
She said, which band do you
Play for man
And I tried to clutch some air
I said, we are playin'
Down the hall tonight
It'd be nice if you got it there

I thought I was gettin'
On to somethin big
I said to all my friends
She's comin' down to the gig

So she come out back after the show
And her friends came with her too
One with a great big scar and one
From the local zoo
I said, hey baby
Can't we go some place
Just you and me alone
She said, this is my boyfriend
Silas man, and my big kid
Brother jerome
I said, oh shame on you
I could not believe that it was true
But I suppose on the whole that's
Rock and roll

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