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The Gipsies' Wedding Day

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

Dance, danca, dance, around the hillside
Dance, danca, dance, so let the music play
Dance, danca, dance, around till midnight
On the GipsiesÂ' wedding day

once there was a wedding
On the 3r of December
Relatives from far and near
They came along that way
An old gipsy talked to them
And said: Will you remember
All you ever wanted
Is a GipsiesÂ' wedding day

The bridegroom he was drunken
But it was not his first job
The bride was young and pretty
She was dressed in red and grey
She said: I bought my wedding - dress
Inside a second - hand - shop
All we ever wanted
Is a GipsiesÂ' wedding day

The band was just fantastic
And the fiddle played an old air
Someone brought the drinks
On stage the singer cried: hooray
TheyÂ've won some music - festivals
In everywhere and somewhere
All they ever wanted
Is a GipsiesÂ' wedding day

And evÂ'ry year I think of you
My little gipsy rover
I drink on every gipsy
And I let the past go by
I listen to the music
And before my time is over
All I ever wanted
Is a GipsiesÂ' wedding day

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