Nancy Whiskey

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

I´m a weaver, a Carlton weaver
I´m a rash and a roving blade
I´ve got silver in my pockets
and I follow the roving trade

Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy, Oh

As I went down through Glasgow City
Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell
I went in, sat down beside her
seven long years I loved her well

The more I kissed her, the more I loved her
the more I kissed her, the more she smiled
Soon I forgot my mother´s teaching
Nancy soon had me beguiled

Now, I rose early in the morning
to slake my thirst, it was my need
I tried to rise but I was not able
Nancy had me by the knees

So I´m going back to the Carlton weaving
I´ll surely make them shuttles fly
For I´ll make more at the Carlton weaving
than ever I did in the roving way

So come all you weavers, you Carlton weavers
come all you weavers, where e´er you be
Beware of Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
she´ll ruin you like she ruined me

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