Mantle Of Green

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

My love came to Dublin
one fine Sunday morning.
My love came to Dublin
to honour me there
He wore a green ribbon
wrapped round a green bonnet
And I wore a bangle of gold in my hair

Now the leaves they were green
on that bright Sunday morning
But now they all fall
in this wind in the bough
And I never asked him
to buy me a ring
Fall down very lightly
you leaves haunt me now

I will not ask the clergy
for prayers in the chapel
I will not hear the minister
singing his prayers
I go down to the river
neath the birch trees and branches
And ask them to raise up
their arms in the air

Now the good girls they sleep
in all their fine modesty
The bad girls they sleep
in the height of their shame
I lie alone in the cold by the river
Till I see my true love
return with my name

And I4ll make him some shoes
of the finest green leather
I4ll make him a cloak
the finest you4ve seen
And he4ll walk like a lord
through the city of Dublin
And I4ll walk beside him
in mantles of green

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