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Banks Of Australia

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

When first I left my native home, the blarney we were told
How the people in Australia they picked up lumps of gold
Where gold-bars lay on every street and the buster´s rights were free
Hurrah said I me napper-lads, oh that´s the land for me

When we arrived in Melbourne-Town to a bankhouse called "The Grave"
I left the anxious Rag-shove-cop arrested in the safe
And all the pretty hostage girls threw up their hands with joy
Shouting to one another "Here comes me skinner-boy!"

I made my way to Gallowsport and north to Dieman´s Plain
And some of us get up and dust and some were shot in vain
I spent three years in Sydney-jail for gold I went to seek
I make my fortune in a day and I´m dying in a week

With me swag upon me shoulder, rifle in my hand
And I robbed the banks of Australia like a true-born highwayman

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