Aragon Mill

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

At the east end of town
At the foot of the hill
Stands a chimney so tall
That says aragon mill

But there´s no smoke at all
Coming out of the stack
The mill has shut down
And it ain´t a-coming back

And the only tune i hear,
Is the sound of the wind,
As it blows through the town,
Weave and spin, weave and spin

Well, i´m too old to work
And i´m too young to die
Tell me, where shall we go
My old gal and i

There´s no children at all
In the narrow empty street
The mill has closed down
It´s so quiet i can´t sleep

Yes, the mill has shut down
It´s the only life i know
Tell me, where will i go
Tell me, where will i go

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