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The Fundamental Elements of SouthTown

Welcome to hard times
Back again
Like its never been
For the first time
It seems to mess with my head
Now when I realize what it takes
Can I relate
To whatever but never will it drive me to hate
Could be the next guy that you take before I wake
Now I lay me down to sleep, eyes tight when I pray
This here is real life, circumstances make you think
Should I be counting my blessings?
The next second my eyes blink

Here in the Southtown, you know that kid don't play
Put it down in the streets, will I see another day
If I make it back this time, gots to hold what is mine
And thank God that I made it alive

One love, its easier said than done
Can I rise above everything that comes my way?
Like words you say
You let your tongue get loose
But when push comes to shove, not used to walking away
I keep on looking up, cause these times, they getting tough
Tomorrow's gone, and its the same old song
Father fill my cup, give me strength to power up
A life to shine, you're the diamond in this rough

Dont wanna throw up my fist, aint got to be like this
dont wanna throw up my fist i must resist

It aint gots to be (like this)

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