School Of Hard Knocks (Cifrada)


Droped D tuning (DADGBE) INTRO (RIFF 1): Clean and Palm Muted Distorted D--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5----7 A--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5----10 D--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5----10 CHORUS: same as intro just distorted D--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5---- A--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5---- }-x2 D--0000--0000--000-3333--3333--333-5555--5555-55--5555--5---- / We from the school, the school of hard knocks, whos ready to rock (ready to rock) Rounding up suckas and then knocking em out the box VERSE: I confess, I am not Marcos Cruiel. I haven't figured out this part. Have fun on your own. I know there are heavy effects and the most prominent is a delay. RIFF 2: D--000------000------- A--000------000------- D--000------000------- G------(12)-----(7)--- B------(12)-----(7)--- E------(12)-----(7)--- CHORUS VERSE RIFF 2 BRIDGE: x3 D-|:---------------------------:|---------------- A-|:-555--333--555--333--777---:|-555--333--111-- x2 D-|:-777--555--777--555--999---:|-777--555--333-- / G-|:-777--555--777--555--999---:|-777--555--333-- / RIFF 3: Let Ring D--0------0---0h3/5-0------ A--0------0-----------3h5-- / x2 CHORUS ENDING Stacatto Let Ring D--0---0---0 -0 A--0---0---0 (shhh) -0 D--0---0---0 -0 Any questions, comments, complaints, or free guitars, email me and let me know.

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