Ozzy Osbourne

The Liar

Ozzy Osbourne

No Rest for the Wicked

You ask me the time of day
I tell you I don't know
In darkness I'm light years away
The voices come and go

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Burning bridges in the rain
The crying embryo
I seem so blissfully insane
But still the pain won't go

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Sacred words the angels wait for me
They'll set me free
But I can see the joke's on me

Babies crying other peoples tears
And in their eyes
They have reflected wasted years

You ask me who I really am
I still say I don't know
The doors have all been tightly slammed
The poison seeds are sown

Save me, all my life I've been a liar

Dying angels falling from above
I've had enough I cannot laugh
The joke's on me
Shattered dreams you cannot realize
Won't sympathize, it's in your eyes
Why can't you see?

Am I the liar?
Tell me who's the liar

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