Ozzy Osbourne

Perry Mason (Cifrada)

Ozzy Osbourne

Essential Ozzy Osbourne (Remastered)

By Ozzy Osbourne, Zach Wylde, and J. Purdell Drop low E string down to D Key- ^specific string bend . mute notes ~drag pick on 5 and 6 strings from bridge pick-up to neck on a four-count beat *screech, (hit the note a certain way with pick to make a screeching noise[e-mail me for instructions]) side up /slide down Intro: Keyboard organ with maybe an acoustic guitar in backround doing this (listen to song) e----|-------------------------------------------|---------------------- B----|-------------------------------------------|---------------------- G----|.-----------------------------------------.|---------------------- D----|.-----------------------------------------.|---------------------- A----|-----0---------------------0---------------|---------------------- E (D)|-----7---------------------5---------------|---------------------- Intro prt. 1: Keyboard then guitar with fx processor doing: e----|-----------------------------|------------------------------------ B----|-----------------------------|------------------------------------ G----|-------------------6-5-4-2-0-|------------------------------------ D----|-----------------------------|------------------------------------ A----|-----------------------------|------------------------------------ E (D)|--11-6-9-11-6-9-11-----------|------------------------------------ ^Do this four times, then with heavy distortion, e----|------------------------------------------------------------------ B----|------------------------------------------------------------------ G----|------------------------------------------------------------------ D----|--7-----5---7-----5---7-----5---7---7---7------------------------- A----|--7-----5---7-----5---7-----5---7---7---7------------------------- E (D)|--5-----3---5-----3---5-----3---5---5---5------------------------- >From here on is distorted- Intro prt. 2: e----|-------------------------------------------|---------------------- B----|--2---4---5---7--9-------------------------|---------------------- G----|--4^--6^--7^--9^-11^-----------------------|---------------------- D----|----------------------2------4-------------|---------------------- A----|----------------------0--~---2--2*--6------|---------------------- E (D)|-------------------------~----------6---6*-|---------------------- ^Do this two times then Main Riff Main Riff: e----|----------------------------------------------------------------| B----|----------------------------------------------------------------| G----|--9-------------------------------------------------------------| D----|--8--------24--2--6--4-----24--2--6--------24--2--6--4-------| A----|--6--------24--2--6--4-----24--2--6--------24--2--6--4-------| E (D)|--6--0--0--24--2--6--4--0--24--2--6--0--0--24--2--6--4--0--2*| mute-. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . right before verses don't put in this screech, just do 2 2 2 Verses: Main Riff: On his way to dinner, when it took him by surprise and with one pull of the trigger, he would vanish overnight dancing by the roadside, holding on for dear life then a gun from out af nowhere, made a widow of his wife Bridge: Guitar playing i don't know yet (soon to be posted by me again): I don't mind, single file down the runway fellin' fine, and I'll see you my friend over and over again Chorus: Intro prt. 2: Who can we get on the case we need Perry Mason Someone to put you in place, calling Perry Mason again Main riff: Riding painted horses, oh the kids they love it so You can see it on their faces, how they love the wind to blow Minding my own business, like my mama always said But if I don't try to help um', they could wind up on the front page Bridge: Guitar playing i don't know yet (soon to be posted by me again): I don't mind, draw the line then draw me an arrow Feelin' fine, then I'll see you my friend over and over again Chorus: Intro prt. 2: Same as the first chorus Then lots of screech ing soon to be posted and another riff i will post bass solo=intro prt. 1 guitar solo=i will try to post Chorus: Intro prt. 2: Same as the first chorus Outro: e----|---------------------------------------------|--- B----|---------------------------------------------|--- G----|---------------------------------------------|--- D----|--0--0--0--3--0--0--0--5--0--0--0--3--0--5--5|--- A----|--0--0--0--3--0--0--0--5--0--0--0--3--0--5--5|--- E (D)|--0--0--0--3--0--0--0--5--0--0--0--3--0--5--5|--- mute-. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . peww... that was tough transcribed and tabbed by kyle hayes questions or comments-shayes@nccn.net Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 12:36:26 -0800 From: Thomas M James Perry Mason By:Ozzy, and Zakk Wylde off of Ozzmossis Bends Pinch Harmonics | / The low E string is tuned down to a D. | / | / ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ * * E----------------------------|-----------|---------------------|-------------- B----------------------------|--6---6-6--|--3--5--6--8---10----|-------------- G----------------2-1-0-------|--5---5-5--|--5--7--8--10--12--3-|-5--5--5--2--- D--0-----0-----0-------3-2-0-|--4---4-4--|-------------------3-|-5-----5------ A----0-3---0-3---------------|--5---5-5--|-------------------1-|-3-----3------ D----------------------------|-----------|---------------------|-------------- Feeling fine... over + over again E--10--------------------------------|----------------------|------------------- B------------------------------------|----------------3-----|------------------- G--7---------------------------------|----------------2-----|------------------- D----0----3--5------6--5--3--5-------|-------------0--0-----|-5-3-4-5-3-4-5----- A---------3--5------6--5--3--5-------|---5555555-5-0--------|-5-3-4-5-3-4-5----- D------0--3--5--00--6--5--3--5--0----|---5555555-5-0--------|-5-3-4-5-3-4-5-----

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