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Diggin' Me Down

Ozzy Osbourne


You're saving the saved, men and women enslaved
Propagating the messiah conception
The rich getting richer, paint You into the picture
Give the poor immaculate deception

Where are You father, why don't You save us?
The fallen are dying alone
How can You turn off their cries?
Ignore a new genocide

So come on, Jesus
We're all here waiting just for You

How long must we keep on waiting?
The faithful and blind are keepin' me keepin' me down
How long 'cause my faith is breaking
The pure and divine are diggin' me diggin' me down

Do You live in the light or in the dead of the night?
Sanctimonious promises broken
Hypocritical sin dying slowly within
Is the sacred truth forever unspoken?

Life ever after bohemian rapture
Beware the dark side of the son
You're just a self-made messiah
Selling brimstone and fire

So come on, Jesus
Don't keep us waiting just for You

How will I know You Mr. Jesus Christ?
Have You already been here once or twice?
The son of man or obsolete facade
How will I know that You're the son of God?

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