Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy Osbourne


Give me your money
I'll sell you my vote
I promise I'll save you
While I'm cutting your throat

If you want to feel pleasure
Look into my eyes
I'm gonna swear on the Bible
While I'm feeding you lies

My touch thickens your blood
I know things that you love
My voice swallows the purest heartbeat

I'm your counterfeit friend
I'll still be here
'Til I crucify you
I crucify you again

Give me your heroes
Your sinners and saints
A little temptation
Is all that it takes

I've been here forever
I'm your oldest friend
Until I pull on the trigger
The fun never ends

I've been around here for a long, long time
I'll be around until your soul is mine
'Til your soul is mine

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