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Time Is Passing By

Out in Style

Letters Never Sent

It doesn't seem like time is passing by
and so I feel alone with you inside
my heart begins to cry
as memories bleed through my head at night
your voice is in my mind
it's a long way until I kiss your face goodbye
in my dreams a brand new life
but only if I keep my feelings real

I'm feeding my soul
with all the things I can't control
it makes me sick
and I'm not able to forget

And so time is passing by

Summer is gone by now
as my depression grows inside my mind
another tear drops on
my white chest since
the tan is no longer there
and the freezing wind keeps my heart cold as snow
it gets harder when I dream of you at night
I take these pills so I
can pass out so someday the pain is gone

I keep going on
with all these things I can't resolve
I'm getting more sick
as my body is used to medicines

It keeps me thinking
that all your feelings for me are long gone
and my regret is
just not enough to be forgiven

Compositor: João Xavier

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