Save Me

Out in Style

Letters Never Sent

I found myself in a strange place
and my heart isn't beating
why can't I leave all the pain behind?
My head is boiling regrets
so they will always hurt me
why did I let my joy fade away?

Would you save me from myself
and leave it all behind?
You left an empty space
inside my heart until now

My disease is growing inside me
I know you never believed me
why can't I leave all the pain behind?
I'm drowning in this dirty sea
of memories, guilt and regrets
I'm trying to keep my head turned off

And while you're having fun
I'm here alone
just thinking of ways to be long gone
Would you say you're better off alone?
You left me and moved on
you moved on

Would you save me?
Won't you save me?
Will you save me now?

Now I'm gone

Compositor: João Xavier

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