Out in Style

Everyone is leaving all I hear is myself
breathing inside I'm screaming can you hear me out?
many girls around but no one really desires me
I think I should fall into the night

(I left the only girl who liked me
once again the loser inside of me wins
the bridge to happiness is broken now
but I'll fix it all by myself)

No matter how hard it is I will fix up this bridge
I'll walk through the fire and the broken glass if need
All day long I'm here working on my way to the sky
I ain't got no wings but I was born to fly

But it feels like I'm walking to the wrong side
please someone send me some light
all day long I'm here on my own
reaching for the stars, collecting new scars
I promise you life is fair
in the end the truth will appear I swear
only so much you alone can bear
remember to call me and I'll be there
looks like the less I care
the more they seem to enter in despair

Compositor: VinĂ­cius Brisotto

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