Blue Citrus

Out in Style

Letters Never Sent

When she came to me and said
that I had to make a decision
now my life is falling down
everything I had is gone

There is nothing I can do
cause my heart is already broken
even if things stay the same
I'll remember how it felt

She said I have no ambition and
my life is a waste cause
I don't know what's about to come

I know if I agree with her today
I may change my mind cause
tomorrow is another day

And my mind keeps changing everyday
this is unbelievably hard
one day she's the one for me
and the other day she leaves

Even if she is far away
and no longer my girlfriend
I'll remember her forever
cause she meant everything to me

Now that she's gone I can dream again
but at the same time
all my life is falling apart
I can still hear her voice inside my mind
but in the meantime she is so far away from me

Compositor: JoĂŁo Xavier

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