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The Calm Before The Flood (ararat Remix Incl.)

Orphaned Land

The more often you crawl
The hate you inspired arousing desire
A call to awake for the ones who won't listen
Dim the light on your soul
Beneath every surface you encourage the farces
What use in the prophecy they had given?

(Grieve them, Leave them, and redeem them)

Words of wisdom twisted and burnt (by cowards)
Pillaging the very essence we've earned (devoured)
Facing no consequences, learning no morals
Igniting new pestilences transferred so oral
Celebrating the dawn of an eon
By the sins we disdain just days ago
If treachery been written then treachery won
In the enlightening we though that we saw

Treacherous, infamous,
Try to raise the worst of us
Empty words, empty souls
Filling faith within them all
Whisper his name when you wake
From the dreams the sinners bled
The martyrs of art bled life in a storm
Crawling toward the path ahead

Holiness is now automat
Melting down the ornaments
Drink the joy, the wine of god
Does the storm still rage inside?
All false love now overcome
Beating me, leave me numb
Seasons turn so violent
You deserve none but true forgiveness

As I bled eons ago
The claws of the jealous reaping the velvets
Their fate is so hard to (be) ignored
After you chew on our soul
Salvation sees through all even though
Ararat collapsing by the choirs of war

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