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Are these the eyes of a madman
That see a crumbling sky
Reaching out for the answer
Please tell me why
In a state of reclusion
In a shellshocked mind
Gazing into the darkness
That i can't find
Stay calm - there's panic all around
Listen to the silence it's so loud
Raise hell - Who says that i'm insane
Follow let the blindman lead the way
Madness i'm your slave
Shellshock Shellshock Shellshock
Draining the life from me
Shellshock Shellshock
My ears they bleed
Shellshock Shellshock Shellshock
Twisting my every dream
Shellshock Shellshock
Oh insanity was born in me
In the chill of a nightmare
Awake in screaming pain
Bowing down to emotion
Every nerve in flame
Am i blind to the reason
Can i really see
Along the path of confusion
It's hard to me
Watching time for the timeless
Within a conscious dream
A fading scene of violence
What can this mean
Through a faith in illusion
Redeem a jaded past
The clawing hands of the clockface
They turn so fast

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