Who's Amazing?

One True Thing

Who's amazing? You are!
You blinded the moon and stole me the stars and
I'm aching to give you all I've got.
So here, don't break it, it's my only heart.
Tonight was the first of many.

And the days stretch out so lazy when you're far away
I feel that it might break me!
I knew it from the start this would be so hard,
What would it be if it was easy?
What would it be if it was easy?

Who's amazing? I think it's you.
I thought about it and made my move.
You smiled, you did, and blushed, the sound of my blood rushed and rushed.
Tonight I wish that you could be here...the further that I fall, the more I want you near me.

I haven't felt this good in a million years.
Shake off the dust and cobwebs, wipe away my tears.
Cuz it's everyhting and something more about you, yeah.
I can't believe I lived thislong without you.

~ amanda hate

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