One Less Reason

Verse 1
Tell me where we go from this point
I didn't see him bring you down
Seems like yesterday I had seen you
I tried so hard just to say your name
And I rather die than dissappoint you
For me to be free from me
I must be free from you

Verse 2
Remeber the times I sat on your lap
The way you'd always touch my kness
Seems like yesterday I was fading
I feel your hands still touch my face
And all I wanted from you was to love me
For me to be free from you
I must be free from... me

Now you fade away
Your all I was before
Now you fade away
Your eyes I once adored
Now you fade away
Give me one last kiss before
Before you fade away
Your all I am anymore

My pressure starts to rise within these closed in places
Feels like the son of God just reached out and touched me
I've never seen you smile in all your million faces
You haven't tears enough for what you have done to me

Chorus ending with bridge alternating off of Chorus

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